Internet Phone (VoIP)

Use your internet to receive phone calls via VoIP, then add on a PBX system to create an environment that allows your entire staff to conveniently receive calls through phone sets and computers.

Easy to set up. Calls cost less than a landline or mobile connection, especially international calls.
Hosted PBX System
mVoice VOIP Approved Partner

PBX comes with more functions and benefits, and are less technically complicated than PABX machines.

The charge is a monthly $25 access fee for the Hosted PBX system functionality and then a charge for extensions based upon the extent of included calls and total number of extensions required.

The extension types are:

  • Basic (includes a local phone number and no included calls) - $9.95/month
  • Standard (includes a local phone number and calls to landlines) - $19.95/month
  • Corporate (includes a local phone number and calls to landlines and mobiles) - $39.95/month


The software that allows computers to make calls over the internet.

The softphone clients that cause the least problems with the mVoice services based on feedback from existing customers would be the Xlite and Bria from Counterpath or the Zoiper.